Day 18

Last day in Venice. This place is growing on me, and I’m glad it is. Waking up, relaxing and then heading over to Murano, the Glass Blowing Island was the change in pace, the change in atmosphere that I needed. Venice hopefully as you’d all assume is a Tourist trap… its been so crazy packed on the streets here. Yet, there are still areas that seem left on touched and naturally Venice.

The Island was cool, It looked more like the Venice I expected when I first came here. The shops were filled with glass, and that’s about it. It’s pretty amazing. All the windows were filled with shining glimmers. The light catching the glass was so awesome. The weather was more of the same, humid and hot, and not great for pictures. Yet, it was the right pass for me, I got to enjoy the city and just the people, though again it was nearly all tourists.
            Gondolas, yes, though no one was probably wondering if I had an experience with those and yes I did. I rode them, they were fun. Honestly the best part of was hearing the Gondoliers talking and joking back and forth. That felt authentic. It was locals, talking together. Also, they are incredible drivers. They never hit anything, they could squeeze through anything and avoid the walls by inches.
            (prepare for another quick swing in thoughts) Image is everything here. I don’t know how to really put it. They are very sexual and they are good at using it. America seems to be very blatant about it, and not as smooth at sneaking it in there. Here the clothes are very form fitting, or they are very breezy. The breezy dresses generally aren’t over anything but a bra here. That is different for sure, and its been weird to try and understand as a normal. It’s not good regardless, but it isn’t weird here.
Walking down the tight streets today I would see so many girls that would be wearing loose shirts that showed way too much. It becomes a much more obvious attack on the morals of a Christian guys. I won’t go that direction much more, but I have noticed that hear it seems more normal. Words like slut don’t seem to fit at  all here. Even the advertisement is subtle and normally sexual.
All ads seemed to include attractive women, doing thing that had a sensual undertone. I say this and I know many people will come up with a more wild visual, but when I say subtle I mean that. The simplest things were definitely designed for the sake of selling sex. It’s been an interesting thing to be thrown into here, and I definitely feel like its teaching me to be more discerning.
Despite these issues, I’ve loved so much about the time here (I’ll wait till the next couple post to really wrap this all up). Venice will be missed, sadly not as much as it should be, but it will be. Tomorrow we head back to Florence. Two more days. I definitely need to soak in these last moments. I feel like I think through so much, yet can never get it all down. I need to get much more down when I write…imagine that thinking this when there is only a couple days near the end. We’ll see what thoughts I’ll get down in the next post. Hopefully more of those moments of profound ideas or perspective changes.