Day 17

Venice I think is much better than I thought…but I still don’t believe it personally. I think its because today it was ridiculously hot out and very humid. Also it was so humid out that you couldn’t really see much, thus pictures were pretty hard to get anything worth. As I walked around the island, and through the canals I was reminded why I dislike, greatly dislike, tourists/ people and tight streets. It is all just a bit more than I can honestly handle long term. It is beautiful here, but it is often still overshadowed by the business and the people that can’t walk in a straight line.
            I felt myself on edge often today. It was just a lot all together, and it definitely wore me thin. I am noticing that I’m definitely missing home, and the relaxing it has even when I’m busy. I’ve mentioned in the past that certain things remind me of home, and I did that again today. Walking along the canal reminded me of home, Grand Haven. It’s a stretch I know, but with the smell of water, the sound of waves, the boat motors and the smell of food outside reminded me of walking along the channel back home. I think its safe to say most of these similarities are because I enjoy home, and its been nearly 3 weeks away from home, always with people and always on the move. I just have to make the most of the next few days.
            Something I was talking about today with a friend of mine, is completely unrelated to that last paragraph but I can remember it and I can hopefully convey it. We were talking, squeezing our ways along the narrow roads and as we passed a church, he stopped and dropped something. He dropped a few coins. He didn’t do it by accident, but he dropped a few coins a mans cup. The man was worn out, the man was blind…He was a begger and fit it to every way.
            After he did this we began to talk about how when are we supposed to give to the hands of those on the street. We’ve passed so many people like him, some looking in need others like they’re lazy. But, the question we asked was does it matter and when should we give them even a few coins. If some are simply asking for handouts, should we give money to them, but then when do we know. We both concluded that it may be that we are simply called to be responsible to take the opportunities presented. We aren’t perfect at discernment, but we don’t have to be necessarily.
            My friend mentioned how Jesus was taken advantage of a ton, yet he gave. I think its something to think about. We should give, maybe not to everyone but shouldn’t we give more freely? It struck me that maybe my idea of discernment, edges on stinginess. Should I give more freely? I think its important to have discernment. Yet, I think giving it was the right move. My friend gave/ he took the opportunity to obey Christ’s command and example and who knows what it will lead to. They guy could abuse the money, or he could survive another day, maybe make that fateful encounter that will lead him to God. I don’t want to idealize it, but we aren’t in God’s shoes and he may do something with it all.
            I guess this is a different type of post, and I know it isn’t exactly what I’m supposed to write about. Yet, this what I discovered to be the only truly useful lines of thought today. It’s interesting to take that step back and really see things as it should be. I think I could definitely do more to fit the example Christ gave me. Today was an excellent/ maybe harsh chance to do that. Hopefully this was another signpost a push/ nudge when I get home or even still here to fit into God’s example and path for my life.