Day 4: Assisi

      After a day like yesterday today was such a beautiful relaxing change. Let me just begin by saying that Assisi is so much different than Florence, and for those who may know about Assisi, you may duh? Well thanks, because yes it is different, and for those who might not realize is very different. Its the difference from going from lets the very smallest Downtown Grand Rapids, to the size of lets say..... I don't even know a good comparison.
      Assisi is this beautiful and small village, well old Assisi, where we are, and its built on a large hill/ small mountain..Again Google it. We drove up and up, and then around, and up and around a bit more. Then we came into this amazing court way and here we were, Our stay at Assisi. It is definitely my favorite city so far, and I hope it stays that way.

Assisi was the moment that Italy became Italy for me. I am going to take a couple stabs at it, but I'm still not sure yet about why.

Stab 1: Historical context....ok not the probably the assumed idea of historical context but the fact it still looks like its from that time. All the stone, and all the stone, and all the narrow walk ways...the castle walls maybe, and the stone. It seriously looked like it was right out of the movies, and it bridged the gap I think of what I preconceived Italy as and what it is even today in this modern society. 
Stab 2: The people, they were much more friendly, and that goes a long way. I've noticed that the people here whether its because its a smaller place, more rural, or whatever the reason (probably the ruralness versus the hectic city life is the reason) it is. They'll pull you over to talk, and you can actually make eye contact..imagine that!! lol. 
Stab 3: It simply fits my personality, and this one probably is a mix of all these. I loved arriving here even. I got off the bus, say the streets and the castle and the churches and the wall and the streets and the...I'll stop. I love medieval history. I love the church history, and I love castles, and villages like this place. This place is wonderful.

       I almost wish I could spend the more time here. I find myself enjoying more the area and taking it all it, but I am still aware, or maybe just paranoid that I'm not truly taking it all in. It's hard when you're constantly thinking about plans, or agendas, or feeling like theres too much to do. It sucks. Not to make it sound down, but it is probably the only struggle I've noticed I've had on this trip so far. Assisi might be the cure. I just hope that I can just be aware of the moment, and I know God can do that if I keep my focus on Him. So my list to do: focus on God, pray about this..go where things take me, and stop worrying about getting cool photos because I need pictures to show people and culture, AND more importantly just sit and take in, truly see/ draw the place. So maybe I need to make a list, but hey lets see what tomorrow brings!