Day 15

Well its interesting trying to think of things to write about on your day off. Chillin in Castelrotto is great, though I’m sure you’ve all heard that already from me. This place has been great, and the people are friendly.
            I guess what I can write about it the relations I’ve been seeing around and what has been provided through lectures. Like I mentioned before the families seem very tight, and that is well known of Italy. I went out to draw today, which I might add has been great even though they are simply sketches. As I would be sitting it was great to watch people walk by, families with kids. It was so interesting, because I know I’ve been raised in a loving family, but to see the higher level of physical signs of love has been different. It’s refreshing in a way to see it. It was also neat to see dads with their small kids out and about in the later afternoon, something that is widely missing in the States.
            The next level of relationships that is interesting to learn on can be based in this tightness of family. It’s the friendship. I’ve always had an issue with this idea of friends for the road. I don’t like it, because it leaves me feeling like I’ve lost an important influence, or bigger yet that I didn’t invest in it as I should especially if there was a problem. It think Italy and me would more or less agree there.
            Friendship here is a very close thing. If you become friends here, as in spend more time, get to know each others families, you are almost like family. It becomes a bond like that, or so the lecture seemed to say. I think its interesting. At least I want my friendships to be like that. Though I know it will take much intentionality on my part to do that. I guess its just one of the few things floating through my head on this relaxing day.
            I needed it, that is for sure. Getting to do laundry, sit around with people, wander the town, eat on the hillside…chill some more…a really rejuvenating time. I hope it prepares me well for the next few day of this trip, because we are off for Venice tomorrow. The city of cannels, which at first I was crazy excited for, now I can see the signs of fatigue…Let’s get ready!.. hopefully. I will for sure miss this beautiful mountain side though. It’s been such a peaceful place to recharge and just soak in God’s art.