Day 10: Back in Firenze


It feels like coming back home. While we are only here one night, it is nice to be back in a city I know pretty well and just relaxing before a busy and full next set of days. Florence is interesting to me. I keep feeling more at home here, and it may be because it was our first place, or it may be simply because it fits nicely in between the big city feel and the small village.

Today was an interesting day, with travelling, and also because people are starting to wear out it seems. I don’t want to assume too much, and by no means am I calling people out. I know I am wearing out a bit too. Yet, today I’ve noticed so many quick comments, American habits showing with no attempt to fit in, and even just frustration. I think its safe to say that all the travelling, the short moments at one place at a time, they wear you out, and there really isn’t any alone space. Sure you can go for a walk or something, but you aren’t truly alone. You’re in a city.

Oh and side note, We climbed to the top of the Duomo today! We climbed inside the dome, in between the interior (painted dome) and the outer dome. Theres an actually good size space between the two. It was pretty crazy to walk where those who built it walked.

            It does bug me a bit, and again I preface this with acknowledgement that I’ve been more annoyed by little things lately, but people have been a lot more unaware today. They’re tired, yet it doesn’t mean one’s focus, and consideration are allowed to disappear. We are visitors, guests, and ambassadors. We can’t just take a break. I’m hoping this turns around soon; that a second wind comes and revives people for the last stretch. I don’t know if I could thoroughly enjoy the rest of the trip if it doesn’t. I miss home. I really do, but I can say that I know this is such a blessing and opportunity, that I wouldn’t want to bail on or not take the opportunity to have.

Also a few things I feel I should add about cultural differences. First the level of appearance. It’s crazy to note how much more well dressed Italians are. Even the youth, while wearing similar things to what we as Americans would wear, they tend to have better quality clothes. It definitely comes through that here, appearance is a huge part of how one is viewed, or at least presented. Also, a more interesting thing, is the level of passion… I sure hope this was just a random thing, since I haven’t seen it all too much, BUT while eating tonight at The Hard Rock Café: Florence, the couple next to us pretty much ate each other’s faces for 10 minutes…I thought they’d be in each other’s laps for sure, thankfully that didn’t happen. I know it is said they are more passionate, but I think this may have been an over the top case…hopefully.

Oh, and our next stop is Milan, where we apparently don’t have access to wifi, so these blogs and the pictures, here, and on facebook might be scattered for a while.